The Amalfi Coast is rich in stories and legends, nymphs and sirens. The most famous one narrates the story of the legendary nymph - Amalfi - with which Hercules fell in love and, when the nymph died, Hercules wanted to bury her in the place that he considered the most beautiful among all (the Amalfi Coast) and, above her tomb, the hero built a new city in order to let his lover be immortal, surrounding her by sea and rocks.

Ravello comes from “rebellum”, so called for its proud and independent nature, especially against the near Amalfi. Every year a Music Festival dedicated to Richard Wagner is organized in the town. In this event feature several performances of classic music, cinema, literature and art in general. The Ravello Festival is also held at “Niemeyer Auditorium”. The Feast of St. Pantaleone, the patron-saint of Ravello, is celebrated on 27th July: two full days of Feast involve all the residents and tourists with music, the procession and the fireworks which end up the event.   Another Feast is held held in Torello, a village of Ravello to celebrate Our Lady of the Sorrows.  At the end of the Feast you will enjoy, directly from our balcony at our b&b, an impressive fireworks display. This Feast is celebrated on the second Sunday of September. Giovanni Boccaccio - famous Italian writer - inserted Ravello in its “Decameron”. This is a collection of 100 novels written during the XIV century. It is considered one of the most important collections of Europe during that time, and the poet used  with this words: “near Salerno there is a coastline above the sea which is called by the inhabitants Amalfi Coast, rich in little cities, gardens and fountains. Among these cities, there is one named Ravello…..”

Since 1996, Ravello and the Amalfi Coast are part of the Heritage of the World, protected by Unesco. n 1880, Wagner enjoyed a fast visit of Ravello. He was pleased, while visiting the gardens of Villa Rufolo, of finding a place which was just in his imagination till that time; he was so able to describe this place both writing and composing the music of his last work that he wrote in the guest book: “We have found the Gardens of Klingsor”. He was not looking for an inspiration but he used his selfishness to find a place that he already imagined. For this reason “Ravello Festival” is held every year dedicated to Wagner. 

Ravello is famous for being visited by many important visitors: artisits, musicians actors, politics and intellectuals such us Greta Garbo, Joan Mirò, Gina Lollobrigida, Humphrey Bogart, George Sanders, Winston Churchill, Ingrid Bergman, Roberto Rossellini,Federico Fellini, John Kennedy, Barbra Streisand, Zubin Mehta, Paul Newman, Nicolas Cage, Steve Jobs, Hillary Clinton, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.